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Round-Robin participation

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The round-robin is an activity open to everyone.

Participants can be either Algorithm Providers or Data Providers: 
• Algorithm Providers are scientists who develop algorithms for processing the input datasets. One contact scientist name is required for each Algorithm Provider.
• Data Providers are scientists who contribute in data which can be used either as ancillary or reference datasets. A contact will be identified for each provided data, which will be protected via the CCI-LC Data Policy.

To enable their integration in the Round-Robin activity, Algorithm Providers are expected to:
• Submit, to the CCI-LC consortium, a proposal which presents research objectives, principal investigator and co-investigators (if any), required input dataset, methodology, expected results and deliverables. The access to the Round-Robin Data Package is conditioned by the approval of this proposal.
• Commit to actively participate to the whole Round-Robin activity. This involves:

o Downloading the requested data;
o Developing and applying their algorithms to minimum 4 study areas (in order to demonstrate the global consistency and generalization potential of the proposed algorithms);
o Delivering the CCI-LC consortium outputs which are compliant with requested format, with the Round-Robin  timeline and with the requirements in terms of deliverables. With regard to this latter concern, 3 deliverables need to be provided:

- the products (in the requested format);
- an Algorithm Theoretical Baseline Document containing a description of the developed algorithm and mentioning any previous applications of the algorithm. Any aspects that may affect independence of the tests (e.g. previous tuning/validation of the algorithm) should also be mentioned to allow a correct scientific analysis.
- a Validation Report describing the algorithm performance and the products accuracy assessed using the validation dataset which those provided in the Round-Robin Data Package or their own ones. In this latter case, the validation dataset should be fully documented.

• Accept and sign the CCI-LC Data Policy.
• Acknowledge that no funding will be provided by the CCI-LC consortium for this research activity.

 In order to participate, please send the signed declaration of interest and data policy as well as your proposal to Sophie Bontemps and Dimitri Lederer.




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