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Download CCI LC Products

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Dear Land Cover User,

Thank you for the interest you show about the CCI-LC products !

Download and visualize them here:

When you arrive on the CCI-LC viewer, click on the "download data" button in red at the top right of the screen. A "data access" screen appears and you just have to enter your name, your affiliation and you email address. You will then be redirected to a download page with our products.

The Land Cover CCI Climate Research Data Package (CRDP) contains all data products that have been generated within the project:

  • A new time series of consistent global LC maps at 300 m spatial resolution on an annual basis from 1992 to 2015;

  • 1 user tool for sub-setting, re-projecting and re-sampling the products in a way which is suitable to each climate model.

  • The full archive of AVHRR HRPT 1 km surface reflectance 7-day composites from 1992 to 1999;

  • The full archive of MERIS surface reflectance 7-day composites from 2003 to 2011 (300 m and 1 km resolution);

  • A PROBA-V 1 km time series of surface reflectance 7-day composites from mid-March 2014 to end 2015;

  • 1 static map of open water bodies including ENVISAT ASAR data;

  • 3 global land surface seasonality products characterizing the vegetation greenness, the snow and the burned areas dynamics.

  • A LC package prepared for Sen2Cor users

Do not hesitate to contact us if you encounter any issue :

CCI Land Cover products

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