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The Land_Cover_cci project is now officially into Phase 2

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By closing the round robin activity and delivering all required documents, the Land_Cover_cci consortium ended Phase 1 and has now officially entered into Phase 2. To recall, the timeline of this three-year long project is divided into three distinct phases, each corresponding to specific activities in the development cycle of the land cover product prototype :

  • Phase 1: is concerned with the definition of product specifications, product requirements and algorithm development;
  • Phase 2: is concerned with the production of the land cover ECV, both on the pre-processing and classification sides;
  • Phase 3: is concerned with the product validation by experts and relevance assessment by climate modelers.

By entering into Phase 2, the Land_Cover_cci has started the production effort needed to successfully deliver a land cover product at the global scale. Three distinct epochs will be delivered, respectively centered around 2000, 2005 and 2010.

CCI Land Cover products

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