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Land_Cover_cci : Recent progresses and status.

In this section we report on the current status and recent progress realized in the framework of the Land_Cover_cci project.

After complete acquisition of SPOT VGT, MERIS RR and MERIS FR surface reflectance data as well as Wide swath ASAR data, the 2008-2012 MERIS FR and RR 7-day composites were pre-processed by Brockmann Consult and provided to UCL. Read more »

The Land_Cover_cci project is now officially into Phase 2

By closing the round robin activity and delivering all required documents, the Land_Cover_cci consortium ended Phase 1 and has now officially entered into Phase 2. To recall, the timeline of this three-year long project is divided into three distinct phases, each corresponding to specific activities in the development cycle of the land cover product prototype : Read more »

November 2011 - 3rd Newsletter of the Land_Cover_cci project

The 3rd Newsletter of the Land_cover_cci consortium is now available. It summarizes key results achieved during the project Phase 1, discloses the preparation of an ENVISAT ASAR data-based global water body product, and informs on preliminary results from the Round Robin. The Round Robin is now officially closed. Read more »

New deliverables updloaded!

Two main deliverables of the project, i.e. the Product Validation Plan (PVP) and the Product Specifications Document (PSD) have been uploaded on the website and can be accessed here.

Annual Review

The fist Annual Review of the Land_Cover_cci project will be held at the Met Office-Hadley Center, Exeter, UK on 30-31/08/2011. The major achievements of the project obtained during Phase 1 (August 2010-July 2011) will be reviewed and discussed. Interactions with climate modelers of the Met Office (potential users of the land cover product) will also take place.

The Round Robin phase of the Land_Cover_cci project is now officially open

The Round Robin phase of the Land_Cover_cci has officially kicked-off on April 1st 2011 and will last several months. This exercise aims at identifying the best pre-processing and classification algorithms for the production of a global satellite data-based land cover product. Interested parties are encouraged to test and propose their own algorithms on a set of data that are made available to the external community. Read more »

April 2011 - 2nd Newsletter of the Land_Cover_cci project

The 2nd Newsletter of the Land_cover_cci consortium is now available. It addresses key results from the project URD and announces the official launch of the Round Robin. Please feel free to download it here.

The User Requirements Document and the Data Access Requirements Document of the Land_Cover_cci project team are now publically available

The first two deliverables of the Land_Cover_cci project are now publically available on the project website. Read more »

Successful Land Cover CCI Kick-Off meeting

A successful kick-off meeting was held at the Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium) on August 24-25. The meeting enabled to establish a first dialog between the climate modellers and the EO communities in order to assess the key requirements of the land cover product users. The meeting also helped to prepare the consortium for the co-location meeting that would take place at ESRIN on 15-17 September with the other ECV projects.

November 2010 - Release of the first CCI Land Cover Newsletter

The first newsletter of the ESA Land Cover CCI project has been released at the COP-16 in Cancun. The Newsletter presents the objective of the project, the partners of the consortium and the first result of the user requirements assessment. The newsletter can be downloaded here.

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